3D Animator/Designer

OsiPov Collection

Osipov Collection based in Russia is an expert in creating three-dimensional moving images that can be used in a variety of media productions. With advanced knowledge of 3D modeling software, he can create lifelike and dynamic animations that can be used in video games, movies, commercials, and more. 

To create 3D animation, OsipovCollection first creates a 3D model of the object or character that is going to be animated. This model is then rigged with a digital skeleton that allows the animator to move and manipulate the model as needed. OsipovCollection then creates keyframes that define the position and movement of the model at specific points in time. 

Once the keyframes are in place, OsipovCollection fills in the gaps between them with additional frames, creating a smooth and seamless animation. Finally, the animation is rendered, or turned into a series of still images that can be played back as a video. 

OsipovCollection's skills are essential to bringing KhamenLenz Media  productions to life.