I'm "Khamenlenz" a 25 year old Master Director who graduated from the New York Film Acadmemy at South Beach, though my brand name did not start here. I started photography in 2016 when I attended Buffalo State University. From 2016-19' I hustled with my ability to freelance work including short films, music videos, capturing models and fashion brands etc. I would definitely say my company gained its spark from this undergraduate experience.

I focus mainly on story writing and music videos, but i'm extremely open to all aspect of film production. What sets me apart from others is the fact that I single-handedly edit, shoot, and direct all of my work. I also make music and have gained a big following from that. My style of shooting is textbook and unique. When it comes to edits, or putting a project together, I work with such great pace that my turn around time is impeccable. I'm mostly proud of my consistency and determination. Everyday I surprise myself.

I've made so many different connections that set me apart from my peers. Ushering a move with Hey Samyr and Iman Shumpert was a great accomplisment for the company. I also have artists that are extremely consistent with videos. I'm very thankful for Auqiie, he's invested into KhamenLenz the brand, and currently holds the President position. Lastly, I want all of my fans and clients to know that I provide great professional work, and that I have such huge plans for the business. Stay tuned and stay supportive.